Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Why things are missing...

Hello folks out there in blogger-land. I am assuming this is maybe three of you, maybe! Where have I been, you might ask? Well, I have been here, and honestly, I have been struggling in this mortal shell as of late. It has been hard mustering up the words to say that communicate everything I have been feeling.

For the few that do read my blog, you may have seen a few posts about my pregnancy, and now they are gone. Well, as it turns out, I had a miscarriage about a month ago and was feeling so not interested in reliving those posts, so I deleted them. I guess now I think I shouldn't have because someday I will want to remember how much joy and confusion I had during this time.

During this time, we were also going through so much with leaving our old church, finding a new one, getting health insurance, trying to find Jim a job (we were living off my income), and trying to live with my constant sick body.

Of the many the things I learned, I found out we are much closer to each other than we thought and we also found out that we really have some great friends here in NOLA. So many people filled in the gap for us of those that drifted away and we are nurturing those relationships, while trying to live this new life.

Jim got a great new job in a field he excels in, I am having a decent run here at the store (even though I have struggles with HR issues), and we are figuring out what we want our future to look like. Do we still want children? Can we have them? Will we adopt? All this is so overwhelming and I told Jim I want to wait until the Fall to make more decisions. I would really prefer to enjoy our summer and travel as much as we can.

And through it all, my passion for furniture has had a resurgence. I sold a piece recently and am working on another one that will hopefully have a buyer. God is truly so good to us and it is about time I was more thankful... especially out loud!

Today is also Jim's birthday and I cannot wait to get home tonight and have a little us time to celebrate. Love this man of mine! OJ, Baby...

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