Monday, October 10, 2011

Those Gators get HUNGRY

Yesterday, the hubs and I took a little day trip to LaPlace, LA and took a Cajun Pride Swamp Tour. It was such a warm and sunny day and the gators did their best to co-operate with the tour guide :) 

Of course, these reptiles are wild, but they see about 5 tours a day and by this point are quite conditioned to see the boats and come right up to them to get their treats. It is still quite a show for us, and I am sure they would gladly feast on people if we put our hands out to touch them!

 warning :)

 this is not a zoomed in shot... actually, I had to back up to get his whole head in - that's how close he was

a typical fishing/hunting shack on the bayou

one of the many beautiful birds that we saw
This guy was hungry!

I love these day trips we make around the Gulf region! It makes me so happy that Fall is here and the weather has become for us what Summer is like for the rest of the US (highs in the 80's and upper 70's). I am at peace with New Orleans now, and it is our home. It is most not likely our forever home, but why not enjoy it while we're here, right?  Since we also made this trip courtesy of a purchase of the tickets on Groupon, it was a frugal way to have fun!


Thursday, October 6, 2011

He loves me...

You know that moment when you realize you really "get" your other half? When you know their likes and dislikes - they like one ice cube in their hot coffee, they hate when you squeeze the toothpaste tube in the middle? Well, I think my husband "gets" me. :)

I know this because yesterday, he sends me a text message with a picture of a cup he bought for me. He said it looked like the ones from Anthropologie. For only $4! OK - there are about 20 things right with that text!!! Most of all, he learned the Anthro look, and not because he is doing due diligence for a buying job with the company. It's because... He. Loves. Me. This must be one of my love languages, because I gushed about it all evening :) 

I can't wait to take it to work today and use it for my tea, cup o' soup, or heck - even water! I want everyone to see the cute mug that my husband bought me.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sometimes it's just easier to buy it!

I never thought I would be THAT person. The one that falls for fads, that buys merchandise instead of making it, salvaging it, or "re*du"ing" it... but I did it. 

I went and fell smack dab in love with the easy chic of French farmhouse country (damn you, Restoration Hardware!!). I realize this might be a trend of sorts, but it is one I love. The soft greys and beige and watery blues, YUM!! Mix in a little bit of Anthropologie and it doesn't get much better :)

Ever since I fell in love, I have been on the rampage to fix all of the shabbiness of our little pad. Thankfully, I manage a wholesale furniture store and can pick up these delightful goodies at incredibly sweet prices (not the $10 finds from the auction, but pretty good). My next "get" is going to be a future blog post... speaking of which...

OK - I admit I have been my usual unfaithful blogging self. I hope to get back on the "blogging bandwagon". I have been working on a "re*du" of our front porch and hopefully some more changes on the inside. Thankfully, these should provide for some accountability new posts!

Here's a pic of the new desk. It was taken with my camera phone, so I apologize for the quality. 

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