Monday, September 6, 2010

Loving furniture in a whole new light

Somehow, I found myself in a predicament. I had to do what was fair and honest. In the end, I became the new manager of the store. And it happened during my anniversary. SO... we had to postpone my sweet and thoughtful husband's plans.

Instead, we went out for Indian food and watched our favorite TV shows. Tonight we will have a nice dinner and some champagne. And we will go somewhere when I have a new assistant manager in place.

I keep thinking about how different my life was one short year ago and I am amazed at how different it is. In a lot of good ways. And I am yet again thankful and humbled.


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  1. hey you!

    thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog! I appreciate it so much!

    hope you have a fantastic day!



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