Sunday, December 27, 2009


My sweet husband downloaded "Julie & Julia" for us to watch last night. There is nothing quite so romantic than when a man chooses to watch a chick flick on a Saturday evening. He knows how much I love cooking. And he knows how much I love chick flicks, and I love that he wanted to do this for me.

What I ended up loving the most about this movie ended up not being the cooking or the imaginary friendship Julie Powell has with Julia Child. I loved the relationship Julie had with her blog readers! She was thrilled to find that people were not only reading her blog, but they were invested enough to send her yummy food treats (and eventually money). She eagerly checked her blog each morning to see if anyone had commented on post. She was also so much more thrilled when she realized that there were many more people out there reading her blog that were not commenting. She felt the sense of pride in knowing that the things you love are loved by others that are not your friends or relatives - that they will take time out of their day to read words you have put down.

I have been meaning for some time now to start a blog and approached it the way I do most things. I did research on many different blogs. There are blogs today for everything from archaeology to zygoma. And in each, there is a desire to know and be known. There are countless many more blogs out there in cyberspace than when Julie Powell started her blog back in 2002. I am taking on the challenge of blogging for myself, writing about those things that inspire me. It is unrealistic to think that anyone will ever read this blog, but I hope you are out there, reading this. If you are, thank you. And if you comment, thanks all the more :)

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