Thursday, October 6, 2011

He loves me...

You know that moment when you realize you really "get" your other half? When you know their likes and dislikes - they like one ice cube in their hot coffee, they hate when you squeeze the toothpaste tube in the middle? Well, I think my husband "gets" me. :)

I know this because yesterday, he sends me a text message with a picture of a cup he bought for me. He said it looked like the ones from Anthropologie. For only $4! OK - there are about 20 things right with that text!!! Most of all, he learned the Anthro look, and not because he is doing due diligence for a buying job with the company. It's because... He. Loves. Me. This must be one of my love languages, because I gushed about it all evening :) 

I can't wait to take it to work today and use it for my tea, cup o' soup, or heck - even water! I want everyone to see the cute mug that my husband bought me.


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