Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sometimes it's just easier to buy it!

I never thought I would be THAT person. The one that falls for fads, that buys merchandise instead of making it, salvaging it, or "re*du"ing" it... but I did it. 

I went and fell smack dab in love with the easy chic of French farmhouse country (damn you, Restoration Hardware!!). I realize this might be a trend of sorts, but it is one I love. The soft greys and beige and watery blues, YUM!! Mix in a little bit of Anthropologie and it doesn't get much better :)

Ever since I fell in love, I have been on the rampage to fix all of the shabbiness of our little pad. Thankfully, I manage a wholesale furniture store and can pick up these delightful goodies at incredibly sweet prices (not the $10 finds from the auction, but pretty good). My next "get" is going to be a future blog post... speaking of which...

OK - I admit I have been my usual unfaithful blogging self. I hope to get back on the "blogging bandwagon". I have been working on a "re*du" of our front porch and hopefully some more changes on the inside. Thankfully, these should provide for some accountability new posts!

Here's a pic of the new desk. It was taken with my camera phone, so I apologize for the quality. 

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