Sunday, November 13, 2011

It's everywhere I look

It is not hard to miss that everything old is new again. The pieces at work that get the most love and interest are the ones made from reclaimed materials or are heavily distressed. I personally love this look, but I wonder why it's such a great look on a door that's $1000, but not on a door in a poor neighborhood...

Today, the hubs and I went out exploring in NOLA in areas that are sometimes considered "distressed", but I wonder if that's considered a good thing or a bad thing. Some folks in the neighborhood embrace the look and some folks are taken over by the decay. Intentional or not, I think it is beautiful. 

This house was one of the neglected beautiful homes we saw. You can see that someone once loved this shotgun and now it's just waiting for someone to love it again.

New Orleans also has a great history and culture of the arts and artists. The trend here is also to reuse, re-purpose and distress things. Everywhere we went there were folks working on their craft. We met some cool folks with interesting art installations in converted shotguns and others working out of warehouses and parking lots. 

Everywhere you look, New Orleans reveals that she is a well worn and well loved city - and that she is REBELLIOUS! She wouldn't listen to the folks who said she wouldn't recover from a flood and she won't listen to what others say is beautiful or correct :)

Isn't is ironic, don't ya' think?

I really like getting out and learning to love like Jesus did. I love to see what is not noticeable or noteworthy. Jesus loves New Orleans. If He can love it, I can too :)

I love my husband for these excursions! I love that he sees what I don't see and that he encourages me to look at things how God would look at them. He is kind and friendly and makes me want to be a better person. He is the best part about being a wife :)

Have a great week, Everyone!


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