Friday, January 8, 2010


I heard recently that we are not promised a tomorrow if we procrastinate today and that really hit me. I had been putting off finishing the three half-completed pieces of furniture sitting in my studio. I had been putting it off for a month. Now, with the holidays over, and a New Year's sense of motivation, I knew I had no excuse.

So... as ol' blue eyes says "I picked myself and got back in the race"... two of the three pieces are done. I am now sending them to several design blog sites in the hopes that someone likes them and will post them.

Hubby and I are also planning a move to New Orleans and this is always on my mind. I know that these pieces should ideally be sold before we move so that there is less in the truck. There are so many things to pack and organize. No procrastinating - here I go...

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