Tuesday, August 17, 2010

becoming pro-choice

Things here in the Big Easy and not so... well, easy :)

And I think it could be the heat or maybe it's the humidity but my attitude has been not so stellar.  To the point that I posted something quite frustrating on my Facebook status. Many friends commented on it, and I fought them tooth and nail. I was all about being stuck in my funk. I was all wrong.

I got an email from a friend that called me out on this misery and she asked me to breakfast this morning. I knew I was in for some "intervention", but I put on my best smile, squared my chin, and waited for the first punch.

What she did was let me vent. Then she took a deep breath and proceeded to tell about her experiences here in NOLA, that they weren't all rosy and great. She said something I think I knew deep in my heart, but had buried for what I thought was its own good. She said that contentment is a choice. Just like choosing to love my hubby when he annoys me (which is NEVER, right?!?!). And choosing contentment is a discipline I have to work at every day. It is hard because misery loves company and man do I hate to be alone :)

So, I will start to write down my miseries in a journal and say goodbye to posting my hurt on Facebook. I am making a choice to be content.

Choosing contentment brought me this afternoon to the new Anthropologie here in NOLA. It is two delicious floors of yummy clothes and home goods. And I was content. And I bought a bowl. And chose to be even more content.

I leave you with a pic of my new choice of contentment :)



  1. great words.....and how awesome that you have a friend that loves you so much! hang on to her....they are so hard to find....



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