Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Things happen for a reason...

This past week, I had a great opportunity land in my lap. I had two ways to respond. Both had positive and negative outcomes. I took this situation to my hubby and also to a few trusted friends. I took it to the One who always has an ear and offers wise counsel. I ended up doing what might not sound like the most competitive or popular option.

It ended up being the option that may have catapulted me into a management position with my new company in another city. Hmm... this decision may have lead to my ability to be somewhere else and also to make more money... it sounds like wisdom to me. The old adage is true, whatever is right is not usually popular. Our move to New Orleans was prayerful and now I believe that it happened for a reason... :)

More info to follow... until then, I leave you with a few pictures of some really sweet reclaimed teak. This has been on my mind for my living room... Have a good evening folks!! 



  1. congrats! i hope all goes sounds like you are going about it in all the right ways!



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